September Promotions

Promotions for September

Mad Brewer Featured Recipe Kits

$34.99 Winter Warmer

$34.99 Dark Side of the Pumpkin

$49.99 Old Crusty Barley Wine

Order one of these featured kits and chose one of the adjuncts in the add on section under special offers


$139.99 5 Gallon Mash Tun and HLT

Free Refractometer with Purchase


$179.99 10 Gallon Thermo Mash Tun

Free Refractometer with Purchase


 $109.99  8 Gallon Heavy Duty Welded Kettle

$30 False bottom Upgrade


$45.99 Economy Burner

$84.99 Economy Burner Starter Package

(includes economy burner and 32 qt economy stock pot with out holes)

These specials run from 8/30/2014 to 9/30/2014 while supplies last