A Barrel Full of Fun

Thursday, September 6, 2012 2:58:19 PM America/Denver

My American Stout has finished primary fermentation and I’m getting ready to add it to the barrel that I just got. In preparation for this let’s discuss how to use and maintain a barrel.

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SMASH Beers!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 11:11:24 AM America/Denver

My American Stout is still bubbling away and I’m getting ready to add in a variety of oak chip as well as brew the second batch for the Oak barrel that should be here any day now.  Since I’m going to need another week or two to get the stout ready for tasting let’s take a bit of step to the side and do something fun. SMASH beers! No, no, I don’t mean bottle busting or anything destructive, I mean Single Malt and Single Hop brews. It’s a great way to really taste the difference a hop or grain can make in your beer. A brewing buddy of mine, Aaron, came up with this recipe. It’s nearly identical to the recipe I usually use for SMASH beers. He called his a “Session IPA”. He brewed it as a SMASH beer with Zythos hops and it was darn tasty!

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So You Want To Brew

Thursday, August 16, 2012 10:19:02 AM America/Denver

So you want to brew but don’t have a recipe, what to do?  This usually hits me about Thursday as I start preparing for the weekend’s brew session (it’s going to be an American Stout this weekend).   I think about all those great beer styles I like, all those I have previously brewed and which ones turned out well. I think about the beers I’ve tasted and the homebrews my friends have had me sample. Once I figure out what style of beer I want to brew I dig in and work out a recipe

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