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It’s time for an experiment and you get to decide what I’m going to do! Vote for your favorite choice and I’ll make it happen.

Potato Beer:  During WWI and WWII grain was heavily rationed. Many brewers looked for alternate ingredients. Hey, if you can make potato vodka why not potato beer?

Carrot Beer: A fellow home brewer recently brewed a pale ale and cut up about a pound of carrots for his mash. We talked it over and think we could take it a step further and juice a lot of carrots, adding the shredded carrot to the mash and the juice to the boil. Could be good, could be gross…..

Edible Flower Beer: Hops didn’t become popular in beer until well into the 13th century. Before that beer was flavored with a variety of flowers, roots, and many other things.

Unusual Sugar Beer:  Brewers successfully use brown sugar, molasses, cane sugar, and beet sugar all time. My challenge will be finding a sugar I’ve never heard of, maybe at the local Asian market?

Freeze Distilled Eisbock: An Eisbock is a dopple bock that is then frozen. Only the water freezes, concentrating the beer. Transfer the liquid off of the ice and you have Eisbock. The challenge here is that everything in the beer gets concentrated, all the good stuff, all the bad stuff, it all carries over. You can’t just brew a dopple bock and freeze it, you need to adjust the grains a bit due to flavors getting concentrated, you need to keep it clean and not create any off flavors.

The Home Brewers Choice: Do you have a great idea for an experiment that you want me to do? Leave a comment. Is there an idea in the comments you like? Vote it up.

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